The 5th circuit court reaffirmed the position that Representative Holtorf took to the Prowers County hospital board last month concerning the civil rights and the constitutional rights violations that may be imposed on the good citizens of House District 64 by the Governors Directives to the Colorado Department of Public Health with respect to firing employees who had not complied with the mandatory vaccination mandates.

Representative Hortorf was referencing background on the lack of consideration of the 23 religious and medical exemptions that were submitted and all but one were denied by the board, administrative staff, and leadership of the Prowers County hospital.

Rep. Holtorf states “As this situation continues to be litigated, the constitutional rights and civil liberties, of all the citizens, who are being forced to receive vaccines they do not want, will be adjudicated and determined that governments do not have the overreach to violate the 1st amendment rights of those citizens who were, before these latest government mandates, heroes from the front lines fighting covid and because of their desire not to be vaccinated now, become zeros and are fired from the front line in a time where we have one of the highest levels of covid incidents in Colorado” 

Colorado Turns a Darker Shade of Blue after 2022 Mid-Term Elections

Like Leonidas at the battle of Thermopylae, Republicans are reeling against overwhelming odds in trying to stop Colorado from becoming another California. It is projected that the Republicans will keep 20 seats after giving up 5 seats. Douglas and Weld counties have...

Holtorf Radio Interview with Lorrie Boyer on KSIR

Rep. Holtorf talks with Lorrie Boyer on KSIR about Northeastern Colorado’s upcoming problems and challenges.

Opposition to Proposition FF on PBS

Channel 12 PBS forum discussion on Prop 121: Reduction in the State Income Tax Rate View the Discussion on PBSSubscribe!

Important Call-To-Action from Rep. Richard Holtorf

This is a call to action for all Americans who wish to defend our Republic in order to protect the future of Colorado.

Rep. Holtorf Chosen for Colorado Common Sense in the Courtroom Award

Justice and common sense seem to be out of style these days in the political world. Some individuals have stepped up and received the 2022 Colorado Common Sense in the Courtroom Award. It is not granted lightly, but Rep. Richard Holtorf was among the few that showed...

Rep. Holtorf visits Morgan County Republicans’ Unity Rally

Images from Rep. Holtorf’s visit to the Morgan County Republicans’ Unity Rally in Colorado.

(COGA) Colorado Oil and Gas association has Endorsed Rep. Holtorf

All, Thank you for supporting Colorado’s oil and natural gas workers. We’re proud to say we lead the country and the world in producing the cleanest molecules that power our lives and our economy. We can continue to provide affordable and reliable energy and still...

NRA-PVF “A” rating and endorsement for the 2022 Colorado General Election

The Honorable Richard Holtorf 28546 County Road 55 Akron, CO 80720 Dear Representative Holtorf: On behalf of NRA members in Colorado House District 63, I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF “A” rating and endorsement for the 2022 Colorado General Election. This...

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U.S. Army Col. Richard Alonso Holtorf in Afghanistan