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Statement from Representative Catlin on the Rejection of the PAUSE Initiative by the Colorado Supreme Court
Denver, CO – Colorado House Agriculture Committee Vice-Chair Marc Catlin released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s rejection of the PAUSE Initiative. 

“In a 7-0 ruling on Monday, June 21, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Ballot initiative 16 violated the single-subject requirement in the state’s constitution. Today’s ruling is great news for all of those involved in agriculture, one of the state’s largest industries.

The safety of animals is always a top priority for anyone who cares for them. Yet, this radical initiative would have criminalized many commonly accepted practices in animal husbandry and veterinary care. Had this initiative been allowed to move forward, many of its provisions would have harmed farmers, ranchers, veterinary practitioners, and the animals they all care for so dearly.

It is unfortunate that people with such a biased agenda sought to pass an initiative that would have severely harmed one of the state’s greatest industries, and thereby furthering the urban-rural divide. Coloradans must continue to stay vigilant moving forward as something similar to PAUSE could still make its way onto the ballot in 2022.”


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In a 7-0 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled today that the State Title Board incorrectly gave a green light to Initiative 2020-21 #16, an unprecedented measure that will criminalize historic farming and ranching practices across Colorado. 

The Title Board must decide if a proposed initiative consists of just one subject and, if it does, set a fair and accurate ballot title. 

The Court held that Initiative #16 contained multiple subject and, given its complexity, could mislead voters when they cast their ballots. 

The Court vacated the title and remanded to the Board with instructions to return the Initiative to its proponents for lack of jurisdiction because the single subject requirement was not satisfied.

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