“Governor’s married partner continues to attack rural Colorado with his uncontrolled animal activist.  Marlan Reis can not seem to help himself or the Governor in an election year with his rude comments.” Rep. Richard Holtorf


May 2, 2022

ICYMI: Polis still silent on Reis’ disgusting anti-rural Colorado comments

Polis’ pathetic silence shows his real feelings for rural Coloradans

GreenwoodVillage, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following message regarding the continued silence from Jared Polis regarding disturbing anti-rural Colorado comments made by his husband, Marlon Reis

I was so disturbed by Marlon Reis’ comments that I actually went to his Facebook page and confronted him about it. He surprisingly replied and said that he had “issued an apology for my needlessly inflammatory choice of words” before pivoting to suggest that I was the one trying to “start a firestorm” and that he questions my judgment. Quite the gaslighting.

Several accusations later, he clarified that he had only issued his apology to Colorado Politics and that he would let me know if they chose to run it. He offered to share the text of his apology, then chose not to respond. Coloradans deserve better from public figures.

Statement from the Colorado GOP:
“It’s weak and sad that Jared Polis continues to hide in silence about the disturbing comments made by his husband. While I’m glad that Marlon Reis has apparently chosen to apologize, we deserve a statement from the governor and the actual apology from Mr. Reis. Rural Coloradans have been under assault these past few years by the Polis-Reis Administration and insulting comments like this only drives a wedge further in the rural-urban divide that the Democrats in Colorado have created. I’m calling for Jared Polis to publicly join his husband in apologizing to Coloradans for these despicable comments.”

🚨🚨Read the disgusting comments from Marlon Reis, Jared Polis’ husband: 

“You’d best learn not to bite the hand that feeds you”
“You are egotistical beyond belief”
“You whine incessantly”

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