Opposition Research Concerning Candidates for Colorado Congressional District Four

1. Ken Buck served as chairman of the Colorado GOP for two years.

As chairman he defended mail in voting and express full confidence in the dominion voting systems.  When he was elected chairman, he boldly promised that he would teach Democrats “how to spell the word recall” but never followed through.  Buck was basically invisible to the party candidates the last year of his term and did very little to support or promote state wide GOP candidates.  properly He should never have agreed to take on the job of chairman because he never applied the effort or time required to do the job.  I feel he did it for the money.

2. Ken Buck denounced a letter written by El Paso County GOP vice-chairman Todd Watkins and signed by 200 members of the Colorado GOP Central Committee...

stating that Jan 6th defendants had been grossly mistreated and abused by the legal system. Buck pushed back on Watkins’ claim that defendants had been detained without bond for misdemeanors offenses and that there were violations of the defendants rights guaranteed under the 4th,5th, and 6th amendments. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote that “Ken Buck’s letter to Mr. Watkins appears to show full support for Biden’s weaponized government and a total disconnect from the cruel reality of Jan. 6th defendant’s and the American people.” Another point to be made is that Ken Buck has been a long-time friend and avid supporter of Liz Cheney and voted against removing her for GOP leadership. Buck has long standing ties to the Cheney family.

3. Ken Buck has expressed deep skepticism in the impeachment inquiry of president Biden ...

and the claims that Biden’s administration is weaponizing the government. Buck stated that “Republicans are itching for an impeachment and are relying on imagined history.”  Buck’s view of Victor Shokin the Ukrainian prosecutor that Biden facilitated being fired is 180 degrees out from his fellow Freedom Caucus members.  Buck said that “there is not a strong connection at this point between the evidence on Hunter Biden and any evidence connecting the president.” Buck said he has yet to hear a single accurate fact from his fellow Republicans about the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.


4. Ken Buck has expressed faith in and praised the FBI and Director Chris Wray for their work.

He feels that they are being wrongly demonized and sees no evidence of the FBI being weaponized against the administration’s political opponents. In a congressional hearing Buck said “I think Director Wray is a good person.  I think he is doing his very best to make sure the FBI is following the evidence.  And I think the FBI is largely treated unfairly in how it has been perceived and portrayed in public.”  In 2021 Buck attacked the DOJ and Merrick Garland for their lack of judgement in handling protestors of local school boards.  What has happened to Ken Buck since then?


5. Ken Buck is not a Donald Trump supporter.

He has stated that the charges against Trump are “very serious and a conviction would be disqualifying.” Buck feels that Trump’s claim that the election was stolen is crazy and has stated that the 2020 election was fair and without corruption.

6. Ken Buck wants a different job.
  1. Buck said privately last month that he was interested in a job at CNN after he weighed other options over the past year including joining a DC based law firm or seeking Biden’s nomination to the Federal Trade Commission. Buck said “I am interested in talking to folks at CNN and other news organizations—on the, I don’t want to call them left, but sort of center left—and having an opportunity to do that full time or do that as a contributor would be great also.”  I think it’s time to encourage Ken Buck to find a new job.


7. In June of 2023 the US House of Representatives passed House Resolution 521 censuring Congressman Adam Schiff (D) of California...
  1. for conduct while he was Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. This involved his continual publicly proven lies that he had concrete evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia. This hoax has been completely disproved, and Schiff’s public lying clearly demonstrated. Schiff should be expelled from Congress for his seditionist conduct. Ken Buck voted “Present” on this censure. His excuse is that the censure vote prompted an investigation by the House Ethics Committee of Adam Schiff. Buck contended that precedent required an investigation and recommendation by the Ethics Committee before any public condemnation from the floor of the House. The only House members who can legitimately use that reasoning are members of the Ethics Committee, including four Republicans. Buck is not and never was a member. He simply refuses to condemn a corrupt Democrat who is unqualified to continue to serve in the House. He is a protector of the status quo in Congress.


8. In March of 2023, the House passed the Parents Bill of Rights on a 213-208 vote.

There were five GOP No votes, including Ken Buck. He asserted along with Rep Matt Gaetz that the Federal Government should not be involved in education. This is a false flag argument. Although most true Conservatives will agree with that statement, and advocate strongly for the elimination of the Federal Department of Education, the Leftist Democrats continue to protect the educational status quo, including the support of the corrupt Teacher Unions.   While several states have passed similar legislation across the country, the Federal legislation would make it effective in all states, thus countering the power of the Leftist Democrats and Teacher Unions nationally. This is common sense legislation that protects parents right of access to teacher/parent meetings, school budget materials, curriculum and books, and the opportunity to testify before a school board. It also forces school districts to reveal their policies on gender identity and transgender students, ensuring that parents can protect them from these radical ideologies. The LGBTQ advocacy groups have fought this legislation aggressively. Evidently Ken Buck does not consider these issues and social battles so vital to parents to be worthy of Federal attention.

9. In March of 2021, Ken Buck pushed the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA)...

at the bidding of the Establishment Media and News Corp lobbyists.  This law would have allowed Big Media companies to form a cartel to pressure Big Tech companies for more censorship and special favors. This bill would have created a safe-haven for these companies from the the Anti-Trust laws.  House Republican Leadership, including Kevin Mc Carthy and Jim Jordan, opposed the bill. Fortunately, the legislation did not pass, but Ken Buck continues to push for it.

10. Most recently Ken Buck refused to vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

Jordan is strongly supported by millions of Conservatives nationally. This after having voted to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and then not voting for the first candidate Steve Scalise. He has publicly stated that he will never vote for Jim Jordan because of his claims that the 2020 election was not legitimate, and that the J6 defendants are being wrongly prosecuted. Ken Buck is clearly disconnected from the majority of the voters in his district, as well as true Conservatives nationally, who have legitimate questions and concerns about the 2020 election and the J6 prisoners. His arrogance in this regard is disqualifying!

11. After Ken Buck’s refusal to vote for Jim Jordan for house speaker he hit the liberal media...

stating that he had been evicted from his congressional district office in Windsor and had received four death threats.  He stated that his phones had been inundated with over 20,000 calls concerning his vote.  What he failed to clarify was that according to anonymous sources he had received the eviction notice two weeks prior to the speaker of the house vote and nearly all of the 20,000 calls were constituents telling Ken buck to vote for Jordan for speaker.

In this file photo, state Rep. Richard Holtorf, R-Akron, speaks during the “Colorado Election Truth Rally” on April 5, 2022, at the State Capitol in Denver. (Timothy Hurst/The Denver Gazette, File)

If this is not enough to pack Buck’s suitcase and send him out of Washington DC, stay tuned, Ken Buck is sure to deliver more. Rep. Richard Holtorf