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Join Rep. Holtorf at a live stream of the Candidate & Issues Forum. The forum took place at Otis High School and was sponsored by Washington County Farm Bureau and the Washington County Republicans.

Victory! in Colorado District 63 for Holtorf

Thank you to all my supporters for your great support last night. I am proud to go back to the state Capitol to stand up proudly for our rural heritage, our rural values and our rural way of life. Many progressive democrats, RINOs, and special interest lobbyists will be disappointed to see me back in the Gold dome as I double down in the fight for our future next session.

Representative Holtorf, House District 63

Read This Before You Vote | Holtorf for Small Businesses

Are you tired of lallygagging around and not knowing who to vote for in the upcoming election? Representative Richard Holtorf has a 92% pro-small-business voting record. He has been endorsed by NFIB and Federal PACs. His record stands straight and confirmed along with the honor, experience, and education that the 29 years of military service have bestowed upon him.

Letter of Explanation to the Morgan County GOP Central Committee

June 12, 2022

Morgan County GOP Committee,

There have been a series of unfortunate events that have occurred over the last several days and a lack of communication at many levels has not helped in this matter.

Regrettably, misleading information was posted to the “Holtorf For Colorado” website in late May by my campaign web designer. The Morgan County Republican Committee logo was used which implied an endorsement was made to my campaign by the Morgan County Republican GOP. The Greeley Tribune picked up on this information and published an article which made its way back to Morgan County.

I continue to strive to be a true leader and that includes taking responsibility for the actions of the people that help me. Although the error was made by one of my volunteer campaign staff, the buck stops ultimately with me. I was not aware of the incorrect posting until the day before yesterday when the Morgan County Central Committee Chair contacted me. I verified the error and immediately, on the same day, directed the web designer to remove the inaccurate content. I also informed the Morgan County Central Committee Chair that the misinformation had been corrected. The intent was never to mislead anyone and I took immediate corrective action in the matter which is the sign of a leader.