Walked Out, Bullied for 120 Days
Without a Seat at the Table

From the desk of Colorado House Republicans.

(Colorado State Capitol, May 8th, 2023)  Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R-Wellington) issued the following statement in response to House Democrats invoking Rule 16 and cutting off all discussion on SB23-303, Reduce Property Taxes And Voter Approved Revenue Change.

“For 120 days, our minority caucus came to the House Chamber with the intention of collaborating despite not having a seat at the table and being told to wait outside while real decisions were being made inside. Invoking rarely – if ever – used rules doesn’t just silence us, it takes away the opportunity for the people we represent to hear what we have to say.

By walking out in protest, we sent a message to the Majority, who are mostly Metro area Democrats, that our state includes much more than the concrete and steel parts of Colorado. Our voices – that fill the Front Range and the Western Slope — deserve to have their votes counted these last 120 days. 

Today, we send a message across Colorado that their voices, their children’s voices, will be heard for as long as we represent them here at the People’s House.”

Republican Women of Weld

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