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March 12th, 2024
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Representative Holtorf Responds to Congressman Ken Buck’s Decision to Leave
Office Early

Akron, CO – Representative Richard Holtorf commented today on the news that Congressman Ken Buck will leave Congress by the end of the week of March 11th. While not necessarily shocked by this announcement, Holtorf commented on the move by Buck to leave his seat vacant.

“Once again, we see another selfish move by Congressman Buck who has long forgotten about his role as a federal representative and Republican leader in Colorado. Ken continues to put his careless decisions and irresponsible political actions ahead of any commitment to Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. These so-called Congressional Republican leaders in Washington D.C. continue to fail Colorado voters with these political maneuvers, such as carpetbagging from one district to another and now resigning before the end of this year. A special election to fill the vacancy will not only throw this race into confusion, but also potentially create bias during this election cycle. The only upside to this decision is that Ken Buck will no longer have the ability to cast a vote for the Democrats or a vote against the will of the good people of the 4th District. Buck can sail off into retirement with the rest of his sellout friends and dig for political gold elsewhere. His actions are the exact opposite of the Veteran leadership that I will bring to the US Congress.”