Denver, Colorado – Colorado House Republican Leader Hugh McKean (HD-51) released the following statement today regarding House Resolution 22-1004:

“In an epic waste of everyone’s time, Colorado Democrats are relitigating the 2020 election – yet again – attempting to bitterly divide the House chamber just days after we celebrated the accomplishments and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The last election results are settled. Regardless of your political affiliation, a federal takeover is not the answer to ensuring trust in our elections moving forward. We must get back to work for the people of Colorado and we must not take the partisan bait. 

Crime is up, costs are out of control, yet Democrats remain mired in the past rather than solving the actual problems of today. Republicans, however, are moving forward to address issues that matter to hardworking Coloradans, focusing on the cost of living, public safety, and educational choice. 

While Democrats attempt to hijack state election laws at the federal level, Colorado has protected voting rights in the state by enshrining the Voting Rights Act in our constitution when we passed Amendments Y & Z unanimously through the House and Senate. Election integrity is an issue of concern to many Coloradans. Our voter rolls should be more accurate, our signatures must be validated, and the undemocratic practice of ballot harvesting by leftist groups must end.

States like Colorado with respected voting systems can shine because state law – not partisan federal edicts – determines how those systems work. The last thing we need is the federal government stepping in and nationalizing voting procedures. Democrats can not say in one breath that the system works, and in the next breath claim that we cannot trust and must instead change that same system.

As we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we ask that you help us move beyond the totalitarian tactics of the Democrats, and their attempts to degrade all that we are. Instead help us celebrate our accomplishments with love and trust in one another, as we continue to pursue a vision of liberty and justice for all.”