Greenwood Village, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown issued the below statement following the conclusion of the 2022 Colorado Legislative session:

“With the end of the Colorado legislative session, it’s more clear than ever which party works for the people. Republicans stood up for working families until midnight on the 120th day of session, stopping dozens of terrible bills proposed by the Democrats. The party in charge severely mismanaged their calendar, passing a haphazard half-fix on the fentanyl crisis only at the last minute – after ignoring the recommendations of police, district attorneys, and victims. 

“Democrats delayed the gas tax, but refused to repeal it. They temporarily stunted property taxes, but refused to listen to Republicans who urged better solutions for families and seniors. The Democrats’ session-long refusal to listen to working people will cost them the election in November. Republicans will be ready to deliver on our Commitment to Colorado. Our legislators will make Colorado affordable again, prioritize public safety, and expand educational options for all parents and all kids. I want to thank the Republican legislators – in both the House and the Senate – for their hard work this session on behalf of our state.”

Republican Women of Weld

Save Our State ! Vote Republican

Prop HH Ends Taxpayer Refund

Colorado's Proposition HH for 2023 may initially seem appealing, but looks can be deceiving. Unmasking the hidden motives behind this proposition is crucial. Ben Murrey, the esteemed director of Independence Institute's Fiscal Policy Center, reveals the truth and...

Colorado JBS Plant toured by State Legislators

I toured the JBS plant last Friday, August 18. The group picture is JBS staff , Holtorf and 3 other legislators. Reps Gabe Evans, Ryan Armagost, and State Senator Byron Pelton. The cattle industry is vital to our rural Colorado economy and the JBS processing plant employs thousands of good people and processes 5000 head of cattle a day.

Proposition HH | Bad for Colorado Tax Payers

Proposition HH | Bad for Colorado Tax Payers

Proposition HH is bad for Colorado tax payers. It will not fix the problem of higher property taxes. It taxes local control and transfers it to the state. More big socialist style government thanks to Jarod Polis and your big government Democrats.

Happy Forth of July

Happy Forth of July

Feeling like a proud American today! Hope everyone is having a blessed and safe holiday. Had a great time at the Brush parade today. Thank you to Nelson and Carolee Brent for providing the WW2 Jeep!

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