Magnum Feedlot

Representative Richard Holtorf, with Steve Gabel, owner of Magnum Feedyard and the Chair of the House Ag Committee Representative Karen McCormick, learned about cattle feeding and feed rations being fed to fat cattle at the Magnum Feedlot.

Quail Ridge Dairy in Fort Morgan

Both Senators and Representatives in the cow barn at Quail Ridge Dairy in Fort Morgan.  Attendees are Rep. Jenny Willord, Sen. Mark Baisly, Rep. Richard Holtorf, Chris Kraft, owner of Quail Ridge Dairy, Sen. Chris Hansen, Sen. Rod Pelton, Rep. Barbara McLachlan, Sen. James Coleman, Sen. Larry Liston, Rep. Karen McCormick, Rep. Lisa Frizell, Sen. Byron Pelton, Rep. Jennifer Bacon, and Rep. Mandy Lindsay. 

Western Sugar Company

Representative Richard Holtorf touring the Western Sugar Company’s processing facilities in Fort Morgan, with 4 democrats he serves with, in the House chamber. Pictured are Rep. Jenny Willford,  Rep. Mandy Lindsay, Rep Richard Holtorf,  Rep. Jennifer Bacon and Rep. Karen McCormick.

Representative Richard Holtorf, co- sponsored the Joint House District 1 and House District 63 Rural Northeastern Colorado Tour on  21, 2023.

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