Actual climate science from the emeritus physics professors of MIT & Princeton who actually understand co2 and it’s impact on climate. Despite working in the land where facts don’t matter, it’s important to know the facts.
The actual science of the IPCC is in agreement, as discussed, but the emergent political statements do not.

IPCC models show NetZero influencing the climate by <1/3 of 1-degree Fahrenheit by 2100 AD. 

A quick thumbnail:

>90% GHG effect is water vapor

<10% GHG effect is CO2

  (Methane and ozone far behind)

About 30gTon or CO2 from hydrocarbon conversion

(Atmosphere contains >3100 gTon)

(30/3100 < 1%)

The US is <15%

Colorado is about 2% of US.

15% of 1% of 10% is 0.015%

<2 parts in 10,000 (2% of that for CO)

Is the US contribution to energy in the atmosphere.

It is unconscionable, if not outright malevolent to foist this cost on the Citizens of Colorado to achieve absolutely nothing. 

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PDF and content provided by Colorado Rep. Ken Degraff, HD 22