Meet Richard

Richard Holtorf is a former U.S. Army Colonel with 29 years of service, a third generation rancher, farmer, feedlot manager, and current member of the Colorado House of Representatives. A graduate of Colorado State University, Richard used his mechanical engineering degree to aid his military service as an AH-64 test pilot, maintenance officer, and commander of aviation units for the U.S. Army. While serving in the military, Richard also completed his MBA at Boston University and went on to receive an additional Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College. Richard and his wife of 31 years, Mary, live in Akron, Colorado on their family ranch.

Image of Holtorf with his military gear in LashKar Ga, Helmond province, Afghanistan 2006

Results & Accomplishments

3rd Generation Rancher

As a third generation rancher, I have carried on the legacy of my Grandad, John C. Holtorf, and my Dad, John C. Holtorf Sr., running Buffalo Springs Ranch. So, personally, I’ve dealt with loss and have held on to what I think is important to my family’s legacy and community.

As a third generation cattle rancher, farmer, and feedlot manager, I have kept our family business going for the past seventeen years.

Representative Richard Holtorf

Veteran/Military Service:

29 years of aviation command and staff assignments, including leadership training for the Command and General Staff College.

  • Served on Battalion, Brigade, and Division Staff assignments. Commanded at the detachment, company, and battalion level. Completed all U.S. Army Military Education through the U.S. Army War College.
  • Passion runs deep in selfless service to his family, selfless service to his family ranch, and selfless service to his country.
  • Multiple duty assignments including five overseas tours in three continents.
  • Two combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Worked with several federal agencies.

  • Operation Noble Eagle
     CONUS-based operation
    • Airport security
       Stood up the Transportation Security Administration at 13 airports in Colorado.
       OIC of the Operations Center for airport security, 89th Troop Command
       Facilitated a seamless transition of airport security from armed Colorado National Guardsman to the TSA.

Family Man

Despite many of life’s difficulties, having grown-up with divorced parents himself, he has kept his family together.

  •  Married 31 years, raised four daughters and has one granddaughter.
  • The commitment to traditional family is enormous responsiblity and a high priority for this Country.

Decades of service, five overseas military tours, including two combat tours put enormous strain on his family.

Despite all that, Richard is still married to his lovely wife, and is proud to have held on to this commitments.

Formal Education

  • Graduated from Akron High School 1983
  • Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Degree from Colorado State Univerity. Graduated with Pi Tau Sigma Honors. 1987
  • Master of Business Administration at Boston University Metropolitan College 1994
  • Master of Strategic Studies at the U.S. Army War College in 2013 at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania

Community Involvement and Leadership

  • Washington County Farm Bureau President ~ 15 years
  • VFW Post #8064 Commander ~ 2017 – 2020
  • Washington County Farm Bureau board member ~ 22 years
  • Washington County Stockman’s Association ~ 20 years
  • Washington County Republican Committee ~ 4 years
  • Washington County Planning and Zoning Committee ~ 2 years
  • 4-H leader and Akron FFA advisory committee member
  • Washington Co. Court volunteer translator, English to Spanish
  • Colorado District 64 Representative 2019 – 2022
  • Colorado District 63 Representative 2023 – 2024