Richard Holtorf’s story on Abortion

A 40 year old event in Holtorf’s life causes controversy on 9 News for a radical pro-choice Democrat reporter. While Rep. Holtorf is an advocate for all women to choose life when faced with the difficult life situation of an unplanned pregnancy, the abortion issue is complex. Even for a Pro-life Christian Candidate. Meanwhile, the media and trolls continue to misrepresent the story and spread false narratives about Rep. Holtorf and his family.

Despite the controversy surrounding Rep. Holtorf, it is important to recognize the complexity of the abortion issue and the genuine advocacy for all women’s choices. Misrepresentations and false narratives only hinder productive conversations on this sensitive topic. Let’s strive for understanding and respect in discussing such crucial matters. It is in our hopes that those that seek the truth will watch these videos in full to understand why the best choice is Pro-Live.

The full interview can be watched here.


Representative Richard Holtorf in the house chamber speaking a bill designed to celebrate killing babies.

View the Full story that Representative Holtorf told about his involvement with abortion, in the House Chamber. Make sure you watch it all for a complete understanding of how complex of an issue this is for him.